Sunday, 7 March 2010

Formatting ideas

Proposed page layouts. On the left, will be my portrait of the band/artist. I've not decided yet whether to keep the text below the picture or to save all the text for the facing page. The book itself will be 7"x7" because of my love of the 7" single format.

I've sent out emails to as many of the bands/artists as I could, requesting a quote for the book; either their thoughts on John Peel himself or their reaction to being voted to the number one spot (or the All Time Festive Fifty from 2000). The quotes will appear on the facing page from the portrait along with the record cover and some of my own observations and personal memories.

My intention with the book is not a trainspotting analysis or series of lists and stats. However, my main focus will be the Number One entries and the All Time Festive Fifty from 2000. I find it interesting that a number of songs that were voted to the number one spot didn't appear in the All Time Festive Fifty, the Jesus And Mary Chain being a good example of this.

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