Saturday, 26 June 2010

Thank you!

I'd just like to say a BIG thank you to all the people who have bought my book.

Sales really picked up last week, and went from selling like warm toast to the proverbial hot cakes. Considering I didn't expect to sell more than about 5 copies, I'm thrilled and delighted that more than 60 copies have flown off the 'shelves'. Your patronage and support is much appreciated.

If you haven't bought a copy yet, what are you waiting for?? Get your signed and numbered copy here!


  1. The book is excellent in every way! Got mine yesterday and haven't put it down yet!

  2. Thanks. Getting feedback like yours makes the whole project even more worthwhile.
    Spread the word!

  3. I must get a copy. It'll compliment In Session Tonight , a tome I often use to cross reference articles.

  4. Get copy now - what are you waiting for? ;-)