Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Damned

Only two and a half pictures left to ink! The Damned (below) seemed to take forever! I started it on Friday night then tried to carry on with it on Saturday morning but seemed to be getting nowhere. The reason? MUSIC! For some strange reason I'd failed to carry out my usual practise of playing albums by the band I was drawing . Each portrait has taken me between three and four hours from start to finish, usually encompassing a listening session to most of the band's recorded output in the process. This morning, as soon as I put on the Peel Sessions by The Damned, it was easy! I finished up The Beatles today too (the first four albums being my company) and I'm half way through the Beach Boys (although listening to the Beach Boys is not my favourite way of passing time, as you'll see when you read the book) I 'll be done by Wednesday next week (all being well) and if Skreen of the Cuban Boys comes through with their introduction it'll be off to the printers at the weekend!

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